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MyoPROBURN Premium Diet Protein 2.25KG

MyoPROBURN is the most savage fat annihilating, muscle building anabolic protein we have ever released. Every serving delivers fast acting & long lasting protein and a powerful arsenal of 5 fat destroying ingredients!
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So you've been paying your dues at the gym... your muscles are starting to grow. People are taking you more seriously and your rag tops are tighter than ever before. It feels good doesn't it! But you know you want to go further! You know you want to improve more! You know that if you destroyed that body fat your muscles and veins would bulge out your skin... But then the fear cripples you - you want to be ripped but you don't want to risk losing your muscle to get there! Why don't you protect your muscle AND annihilate your fat? Now you can...

MyoPROBURN is the most savage fat annihilating, muscle building anabolic protein we have ever released! MyoPROBURN packs a powerful arsenal of 5 fat destroying ingredients. The kind of ingredients that fat fears! But MyoPROBURN doesn't stop there - it creates a highly anabolic shield to protect and even add muscle while it savages stubborn fat! You can forget about physique destroying cravings too! MyoPROBURN packs the kind of ingredients that suppress appetite and help you to resist temptation!

No longer do you need to buy proteins and fat burners separately! MyoPROBURN is all you need! Every shake delivers a blend of rapid AND sustained release anabolic proteins plus fat burning AND metabolism amplifying: Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea, CLA, Acai Berry Extract, AND Taurine! Why burn fat OR build muscle when you can BURN FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE?
 MyoPROBURN fat burning diet protein

5 stars based on 7 reviews
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Jess Brown
from Newcastle

Chocolate Mocha flavour OMG!!! So nice and the tub lasts me forever!

Sarah Banks
from Durham

So easy to mix and tastes so good! Nicest protein I've had and I've tried a lot

Peter Milburn
from Bristol

Best protein I've tasted!

Matthew liddle
from Murton

Got the chocolate orange flavour. Really happy with the taste one of the best protein tubs ive tried!

from Oxford

Came across MyoMuscle on facebook and got this with a promo code... very nice, mixes easily and tastes great. Will be using this from now on. Top product and great value protein

Andy Cosworth
from -

tastes good, mixes good, and its helping me to lose my body fat round my waist. I'd give it a 4.5 but can't so it's a solid 4 from me.

from Middlesbrough

Strawberry flavour is beautiful! Mixes so so easy and is a pleasure to drink. The best diet whey protein i have tasted. xxx

Weight 2.3kg